Is your anger out of control and hurting you and your loved ones? 

Anger is a normal emotion just like getting sad or happy. However, anger can begin to impact our lives negatively when it gets out of control and turns into violence, aggression, bullying and constant arguments. Not effectively managing our anger can rob us of positive relationships, keeping a job, feeling peaceful, achieving optimum health and ultimately rob us of our happiness in life.

Anger could be something you’ve had an issue with most of your life, perhaps only recently it has spiraled so out of control that you know now is the time for change.

You find yourself frustrated about a lot of things. You focus on all the bad things of a situation. You most likely find yourself shouting or putting someone down as a way of releasing your anger. Your mind is always racing with negative thoughts and you just can’t seem to catch a break.

Anger issues are frustrating and unhealthy.

Research shows that anger can increase people's chance of developing coronary heart disease. It can also lead to stress-related problems, such as insomnia, digestive problems, and headaches.You might be experiencing it at a severe or mild level; whatever it may be- it robs you of your chance of happiness and inner-peace.

Anger is like an iceberg. Beneath it, lies many other possible issues that could be going on which is masked by the anger, such as; guilt, fear, past trauma, depression or anxiety.

Behaviours you might be engaging in:

·      Frequent or moderate drug or alcohol use

·      Having problems expressing emotions

·      Unwilling to compromise

·      Physically violent

·      Verbally threatening

·      Getting into frequent arguments both physical and verbal

·      Punching objects or throwing things to feel a sense of relief

Emotions you might be feeling:

·      Depressed

·      Anxious

·      Frustrated

·      Embarrassed

·      Isolated

·      Guilty

·      Infuriated

You don’t need to continue this way of living any longer. You can start managing your anger. 

Your anger could be dramatically reduced by professional counselling. There are many new and effective management strategies that offer hope for people having problems with anger. At Empower You Counselling, I can help you with this by being your counsellor.

Working on your anger through counselling with me, you will:

 ·      Feel in control of your life instead of your emotions in control of you.

·      Learn healthy and effective strategies to calm yourself in a potentially anger-triggering situation.

·      Become mindful and aware in everyday life

·      Feel calm and have inner-peace.

·      Resolve and heal from past traumas or major life events.

·       Restore positive and healthy relationships.

·       Have respect and love yourself.

·      Make rational decisions and compromises.

·      Feel hopeful about your future and at peace with your past.

Asking for help doesn’t make you weak. With my counselling experience and training, you can be confident that you’ll get the help you need.

I am a caring and warm counsellor who is passionate about helping people just like you. I use proven methods to help anger such as CBT (Cognitive Behavioural Therapy) and Mindfulness. Above all, I take the time to build a relationship with you to understand you and support you with whatever you are struggling with.

As your counsellor, I want you to achieve the joy and happiness you deserve. You can create a life of peace and enjoyment that is free of anger issues.

If you want to find out more about how I can help you, contact me for a complimentary phone consultation using the number at the bottom of the page. Together, we can discuss your situation and find out if I can help alleviate your anger issues, so that you can have a calmer and happier life.