Empower You Counselling can help you with:

  • Stress from school, university, or your job
  • Anxiety 
  • Getting through the loss of a loved one
  • Low moods or depression
  • Sleeping and eating habits
  • Difficult ontrolling anger 
  • Pressure from family or social media
  • Caught up in relationship drama, peer or family conflict
  • Body Image problems
  • Drugs or risky behaviour
  • Bullying
  • Gender identity

Empower You Counselling can help you discover yourself and your strengths.

You will become:

  • Insightful
  • Happier
  • Confident
  • Equipped with the skills to lead a positive life
  • More mindful and calm
  • Able to handle future obstacles in a positive way
  • Clearer about your life and who you are
  • Motivated

How will I help you get there?

I am Jacqui Zdravkovski and I am the counsellor at Empower You Counselling. I am understanding, non-judgmental and passionate about helping you find your full potential to lead a happy and fulfilling life.


I understand that every person like you, has the potential to overcome any struggles in life and sometimes just needs some extra support to realise this. It is through this self-discovery process that you experience an uplifting and meaningful counselling experience with me.

Take the first step to a brighter life and contact me, Jacqui for a complimentary phone consultation.

Here you can ask me any questions about counselling and we can discuss your situation in more detail to see if counselling will be a fit for you. I provide counselling in person in my office in Menai.

Skype counselling is also available for those unable to travel to my office, or prefer to work with me from the comfort of their home.